Cockpit 3D produces the BEST quality high definition 3D Crystals. It works with any subsurface laser you own & is very well optimized with the 3D Laserbox.

Our goal is to employ artists and be the best, quickest, high quality provider of 3D HD files. As such we offer the best service & costing in the industry. As the pioneer of 3D Crystal, a Cockpit3D license means you are working with the authentic & original. Please book a call so we can correctly quote you based on your machine specs & modelling needs.


High Definition Results
Amazing Vector 3D Pop for Logos
Full 360 Modelling in HD Texture

Cockpit3D offers High Quality 3D Crystal custom cut direct from the factory. We cut the slabs, grind the facets, and polish the pieces to perfection. We then inspect each piece under very bright lights to identify any imperfections prior to shipping. Order from our Yiwu factory direct, OR express from our North American distribution center. Email for more information.

Not all Crystal is equal. See the difference in how the laser beam reacts with our crystal composition compared to a competitors. Same Laser, same file. The reason is because the beam cannot penetrate certain materials lacking polish the same. We use a unique composition in our material that is optimal for SSLE.

Officially rolled out in January 2022, the 3DLaserBox is the latest and greatest in the world of subsurface laser engraving. Powered by Cockpit3D, assembled cost effectively in China & the vision of our founder Mr. Riyaz Datoo, the 3DLaserBox is a simple single click system. It's production speed is double, resolution better then European machines, and capable of multimode / multiproject production. To find out more about our 3DLaserBox models, BOOK A CALL.


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