Key Milestones

Cockpit3D accepts new applicants / laser owners seeking to use our software to deliver 3D Crystals to their customer base in place of 3D Cameras (within 1 hour!)

Cockpit3D Beta is launched to a core team of LEADING SSLE laser owners in the industry. It is supported by our already well trained and talented team of artists

We announce the initiative of Cockpit3D and the Next generation user interface

We expand to offer 360 degree solutions for 3D printing and laser engraving

The demand grows as does our team and we are now providing point cloud converted data to laser owners

After working with various solutions to manipulate and texture map 2D photos onto 3D models, we announce the initiative to streamline the process for laser operators

There is significant interest in 3D point clouds from scanners. With the rise in digital photography demand for 3d manipulation from jpeg photos is imminent

Our efforts enable us to successfully scan and render in seconds full family data WITH HAIR. Hair was formerly a challenge for original 3D scanning attempts utilizing off the shelf Minolta cameras

Employ several parties in the raw development of 3D facial scanners for various mediums of output

We are introduced to 'Clements' Subsurface Marking Process and take interest in programming for 2D point cloud generation